News Analysis: Where are all the female college presidents?

The Boston Globe wrote a story on the lack of female presidents at colleges and universities in Massachusetts. According to the article the number of female presidents at these institutions has decreased since 2007 and stands now at just 36% at private universities and 28% and public universities. They give many reasons for this such as family planning getting in the way of qualified women pursuing such roles, the lack of women on the boards choosing presidents affecting who is chosen, as well as subtle sexism playing a role.

I think the article was well written and was able to effectively talk about a topic that could be turned into a series or a book in one article but I thought it relied more on expert opinions than I would have liked to see in the article. The writer makes a point that the lack of female representation in academic areas having a negative affect on female students and it would’ve been nice to see quotes from female students to see if this trend has the impact people think it has.

The article can be found here.


Examining the Democratic Party

In this piece I discuss the appointment of Tom Perez as the Democratic National Convention Chair and whether or not his vision is the best for the Democratic Party moving forward. Perez won against Keith Ellison who represented the increasingly leftist wing of the Democratic Party and some progressives are concerned his win will mean a continuation of the same establishment politics that lost the party the election.

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Senator Elizabeth Warren Delivers Speech at Women’s March

Senator Elizabeth Warren told thousands gathered in Boston to protest the policies of President Donald Trump on Saturday that they need to fight for the rights of all Americans.

Warren was one among several speakers who spoke on the Boston Common about the importance of  women organizing as well as the importance of men helping and supporting them as they organize.

The signs protesters waved above their heads reflected the issues Warren touched on, including promises by Republicans to overturn Roe v. Wade, the Affordable Care Act, and court rulings in favor of same sex marriages.

“The fact is that the playing field has been tilted badly in favor of those at the top for a generation now,” said Senator Warren. “And now President Trump and the Republican Congress are ready to ram through walls that will tilt it even further

The American “deal” is  that everyone must have basic dignity and economic opportunity, said Warren. Trump is now a threat to this American deal and the Republican party’s promises would make America worse. Warren said in her vision of America is a country that opposes sexism, racism, homophobia, and bigotry and instead supports movements like Black Lives Matter and the fight to raise the minimum wage.

The Boston march was one of  largest women’s marched held nationwide Saturday with an estimated 150,000 people in attendance. There were marches around the country and the world with protests in Washington D.C,. Los Angeles, New York City. Other marches took place all over the world.

Warren, a vocal opponents to the new administration, told the crowd that this the marches across the country were an example of how the American people were fighting back.

“We will never stop fighting to ensure equality for all of our citizens,” said Warren.

Her words were met with cheers from the crowd to which she responded, “You know I could do this all day, but we’ve got to march!”

Erin Geisser,  a teacher from Reserve, Massachusetts and mother who brought her three sons with her to the march said Warren knew what the crowd was feeling.

“I think what [she said was so important and I’m very glad I brought my sons with me because it’s important they and everyone in this country know what’s right,” Geisser said. “What’s happening under Trump is not right and I’m glad she made that clear.”

News Analysis: Walsh seizes spotlight in Trump immigration battle

The first thing I noticed about this article was that it didn’t have a traditional lead. The journalist chose instead to go with one that listed the highlights of what Mayor Walsh has done since going into office. This could be because there were several points that were covered in the article. Regardless of the reason the journalist chose to not use a summary lead, it worked well. I think that choice spoke to the message of the article which is that Walsh has taken on a national figure role.

The article talked less about Trump as it did things going on in Boston so the headline was not misleading but perhaps not the full story. However, if its intentions as to spark the interest of a reader I think it was successful in doing so.

The story itself covered multiple topics briefly and then jumped to the next topic. One topic was Walsh’s growing opposition to Trump’s immigration policies, another was how Walsh’s actions might be a cause of or may effect the mayoral race, and another was whether or not Walsh was sincere in his pro-immigration stance considering past actions. All of these topics I felt could have been full articles in and of themselves and as a result were rushed when they were all pushed into one. It wasn’t a bad article but if I was an editor at the Globe I might write a couple more articles about the topic. It’s something readers in Boston would definitely want to hear more about.